Introducing “Restorer of Streets Community!”

Restorer of Streets Community
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A few months ago, I wanted to add some new courses. I’ve been unsatisfied with email courses because the interactions are few and only one-on-one. I wanted to interact more easily with my students, friends, and readers. And I wanted to begin building relationships with my readers and also between my readers. I was looking for a community to share with you. The “Restorer of Streets Community” was born.

When I searched for the best course software to provide the best community, I found Mighty Networks. (an affiliate link) It enabled me to build a community with topics, groups, and courses which provide a framework for support and encouragement to my readers. But after a while, the renewal cost was too much, so I went with Pensil (an affiliate link) and never looked back.

Within this community, I’ve been able to create topics and groups around all of the topics for my websites and books. But I’m excited to build more courses than the three available.

I’ve moved my “More Hope in 5 Days” and the “Change Your Life Through Prayer” courses from my email sequences to actual classes that enable you to interact easily. While the “More Hope in 5 Days” course is complimentary, as always, the “Change Your Life Through Prayer” course has a minimal cost. It also includes the digital version of the “Pray Specifically Journal” ebook.

My newest course costs a little more, but it enables you to find your vision and mission for the next 90 days and create a custom printable PDF calendar for those three months. The “90 Day Mission Planner” includes your affirmations, a Bible reading plan, all three of my Daily Prayer Guides, and a short lesson on “Writing Verses into Prayers.”

All of this in a community of Christian women that is free to join!

Over the last few years, I have become wary of social media. So many posts and ads are divisive. I want to offer a place of hope, encouragement, support, and safety. Many women are hurting and need the encouragement of a community created just for them.

Why join another website instead of just using Facebook groups?

I wanted a place to build relationships with my readers (blogs or books) and offer my courses all in one spot. The community provides easy access to me and also offers an opportunity to meet new friends. The focus is on hurting Christian women, praying for each other, encouraging each other, building businesses (work from home), and website help (WordPress). It also provides one place for my readers to read and review books, become beta readers, and join my launch team.

This community is unique. It is a private place for just us. I’m inviting my readers and friends to join me. And you can ask your friends and family too!

We can make this a haven full of prayer and encouragement. Join us as we seek only to inspire hope and to love richly. We can support each other through prayer, listening, and sharing our lives.

Talk about your business, website, products, and services!

For other work-at-home businesses, I offer a group called “I have a home business.” Here you can create a topic for your home business, talk about your website, your products, services, and why you are the best!

The courses of the “Restorer of Streets Community.”

Each class is uniquely built for encouraging women in their prayer life, their organization, and help with working at home.

New courses coming this year:

  • A website course to help you build a website for under $200, including the cost of the course, a domain name, and a host. $99
  • A Planted Flowers Bible Study Guided Group where you go through the course with other members. $40
  • A free Handbook course for members lets you get the most out of your membership. Free

Click here to learn more and join the “Restorer of Streets Community” now!

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