Just Trying To Help

When I was growing up, our supper conversations sometimes got a little loud. I have three older brothers and we would sit around after the main eating was done to talk. We didn’t talk about our days since that happened early on during supper. We didn’t make announcements or comments. We had fun talking.

I remember one conversation where we were talking about tombstones. I don’t remember how we got on that subject, but I do remember what we decided to put on our mother and father’s tombstones.

Our Mom cut our hair, sewed our clothes, took care of most of the laundry and cooking, and usually tried to find ways to help us. Her constant refrain was, “I was just trying to help!” So we decided her tombstone would read just that.

Our Beloved Mother
Who was just trying to help.

Our Dad spent most of his leisure time fixing things. He fixed cars, televisions, VCRs, and now computers. He fixed the washer, the dryer and most anything else that needed fixing. Sometimes his fixes were just temporary, because he didn’t have the tools or parts he needed. Since it usually needed to work right then, he would temporarily fix it and get back to it whenever he could. Really, pretty much just making do with what he had at the time. So, we would put up two sticks, kinda cross like, for his tombstone and it would read:

Just Temporary

We had fun making up other mottos. I don’t remember what they were for my brothers or for myself. But I seem to have taken up my mother’s motto. I find myself saying, “I was just trying to help” on many occasions to my own children.

So I say thank you to my family for those wonderful suppers where we talked and laughed. Those are some of my best memories. I miss those times, but I mostly miss my brothers.

Thank you Dad for fixing so many things. Thank you Mom for always trying to help. Your legacy lives on. And thank you dear brothers for sharing your time with your little sister!

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