Being Thankful

Thanksgiving brings up different memories for different people. Family is always a part of those memories, whether they are good or bad memories, too much family or not any.

Our Thanksgiving was different this year. The kids are getting older and have other people they enjoy spending time with. Our older daughter’s boyfriend is now an intricate part of any family gathering. And we have learned to love him as much as our other children, and our children’s friends who drop by now and again.

My younger daughter spent the afternoon with her best friend’s family to help her enjoy her family. She said it was a pretty good time. My older daughter spent the afternoon with her boyfriend and his grandparents doing lunch and a movie, the new 007 movie. My son slept in as usual. He is the night owl like his father and his friends are very much the same. They usually show up here when the rest of us are thinking of bed.

So my husband and I were left with the cooking this year. I tried to negotiate for eating out this year and not cooking, but I lost the battle there. So, we spent the evening before shopping and most of the day cooking. It was interesting spending so much time with my husband without children around that much. There hasn’t been that much time alone since we had these kids. And so we had the day trying to accomplish a meal, a very elaborate meal, with recipes and everything.

However, before we starting the cooking in earnest, he called his parents and I called mine, both sets are alone this holiday. My parents are busy trying to install their new wireless printer, learning new things. His parents were eating, reading, and enjoying their time together.

This Thanksgiving is probably the picture of the future holidays. We will learn to share our children with other people and learn to appreciate each other all over again. And make new memories.

I think about the people I know who are spending Thanksgiving working in the shelters helping to feed the more unfortunate. I think about he people whose families have experienced loss this year and are still dealing with the grief, the sadness, the missing persons who shared this holiday with them. I think about the people who are starting new lives together or in new areas of the country or other countries. And I think of those who think they have nothing to be thankful for.

So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for God who has created this beautiful world and has blessed me with a loving husband and three healthy whole and happy children. I’m thankful for my home and that my children’s friends feel at home here. I’m thankful that my parents are still healthy and alive as are my husband’s parents. I’m thankful for my brothers and their families, and how we keep in touch by email. I’m thankful for my job where I can grow and be myself and I am appreciated. I’m thankful for a church where we can go to worship God and meet other Christians. I’m thankful for my small group, the ladies who let me love them and learn with them, and my young ladies, who let me watch them grow. I’m thankful for my life and my abilities that God has given me. I’m thankful for very much more but I should go. They are playing Phase 10 now.

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