Day 42 Feb 12 Deuteronomy 1:21

Deuteronomy 1:19-21Then we set out from Horeb and headed for the Amorite hill country, going through that huge and frightening wilderness that you’ve had more than an eyeful of by now—all under the command of God, our God—and finally arrived at Kadesh Barnea. There I told you, “You’ve made it to the Amorite hill country that God, our God, is giving us. Look, God, your God, has placed this land as a gift before you. Go ahead and take it now. God, the God-of-Your-Fathers, promised it to you. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose heart.”This world sometimes becomes a huge and frightening wilderness. It is a scary place that I have seen entirely too much of by now. There is too much news and too much coverage of the sinfulness and horror of man without God. It is sad to see how far man will go to gain power and money.But God is here all the time. He walks with me through every day. He has placed this day before me as a gift. I can take it from his hand and live it for him.Lord, forgive me of my sins. Help me to take your hand and walk into this day with your grace and mercy. Show me how you want me to live today. Give me the strength to move forward with your plans. Fill me today with your joy and your love. Help me not to be afraid. Don’t let me lose heart.

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