Received my first critique back!

Lily Book 1 Planted Flowers first critique

Am I nervous about getting my novella critiqued? Yes. It’s the first time someone who is not family has read one of my books. Someone with an objective eye is reading this novel and giving me feedback. Can I take it? Will I face it, keep focused, and move forward? And now I have my first critique back from the copy editor!

Lily back from first critique!

first critique - Thanks Holly!After reading the critique I feel encouraged. I have some things to work on but no major plot holes or extraneous subplots. It’s such a relief to have someone tell me I can write.

She did the critique in a fair and understanding way. It was easy for me to understand what she felt needed to change. She spoke of the audience the book would attract.

Found Encouragement!

first critique Thanks Holly!I have Holly Lisle to thank for her How to Write a Series class and How to Revise Your Novel class. She has been the best thing I have found to move me forward as a writer. I’ve taken several of her classes and she helped me clarify my writing style.

I also want to thank my mom and my kids for their input, ideas, and being great sounding boards for me. I could never do this without the support of my husband and family who cheer me on.

Okay, back to editing!

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