The focus of AP Creations

The focus of AP CreationsAP Creations reaches out in a creative way to the world around her. “I just want to help people”, says Anna Payne, sole proprietor of AP Creations. And that is just what she does. The focus of AP Creations appears in every corner of the site.

Helping Women Stay Home

Anna has started several websites to help others achieve their goals. One, Helping Women Stay Home, is a website focused on finding ways women can stay home if they are so inclined. On this site are different ways to find training, education and researched work at home opportunities. The focus of AP Creations can be seen here too.

Caring Industries

Another website, Caring Industries, provides an opportunity for small businesses and home or cottage industries to advertise for free. You can also find links to Anna’s devotional books and e-books.

Nourish Your Heart

Focus of AP Creations - Inspire Hope Encourage LoveAnna’s favorite website is Nourish Your Heart. This website not only utilizes her favorite color but provides encouragement and hope.

Templates 4 Small Biz

Templates 4 Small Biz is a website that contains free WordPress themes in several formats for anyone to download and use. They are built with the Artisteer program that makes it easy to design and customize your own templates for WordPress, Blogspot and others.

The focus of AP Creations seen in products

At AP Creations Designs, Anna has created a store to purchase products related to devotionals, Christian fiction, bible verses, and more.

In her IT work, she is helping Nature’s Select to gain control of their many websites and domain names as well as liaison with marketing professionals while administering Salesforce and third party websites integrated with Salesforce. Her biggest asset to her clients is to listen to the over 40 distributors for their needs.

Check out Anna’s websites to see if there is some way she can help you.

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