The heart of a redeemed woman

A woman is important. She gives and nurtures life. She shows God’s beauty. She spreads God’s glory to all who meet her. Her smile brings healing to weary souls.A redeemed woman of God has a tender, merciful heart. She has a backbone of steel forged by the Spirit of God. Her hands have been trained for battle and are strengthened by God. A woman of God is fierce for those for whom she cares.Women sometimes feel abandoned. They fear they will be left alone. Many men fear that they are not enough and they won’t have what it takes to help the women in their lives. Many fathers, brothers, and cousins are the first men who pull away from their women fearing they cannot help them, that they are not brave enough or skilled enough. They don’t understand that being there and not leaving or retreating emotionally is most of what we women need.Because of this, men and women both feel lonely and trapped, fearful to speak up and ask because they fear it will lead to them being abandoned by their friends, spouses, or relatives.But God has not given us a spirit of fear. He has given us a spirit of power and love and self-discipline. So we have the ability to resist the fear and speak up.2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.How do we speak up? We offer to pray and say what God has given us to say. We live in the freedom of God’s love. We invite others to rest. We help those in our lives to see the heart of God. We respond to the heart of God. And we put on the full armor of God daily. We take our stand against the powers of darkness.I loved how the woman prayed that was outlined in the book. I now put on with thanks the armor that You have provided for me – girding myself with the belt of truth: binding up all that is vulnerable of my femininity; first my need to be pursued and fought for. Thank You for daily pursuing me and fighting for me as well.I also gird up my desire to be irreplaceable in a grand scheme of Yours. You have placed this desire within me and I wrap Your truth around it, in hope of what You will do. Grant me eyes to see each day in light of your activity, to live in the big-ness of your story.I gird up my desire to offer life through my gifting, the beauty You have bestowed on me. I ask You to continue to reveal and confirm what You desire to do through me all you have given to me. I trust that you have called me by name and have given me a love, a beauty, a gift to pour out on my family, my friends, and those you bring to me. May this day be an offering of love poured out before you on the altar of my life.

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