Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people: Those who love getting together with other people for pretty much any reason; and those who don’t. Can you guess which I am?

I think that I pretty much take after my dad. People are okay in very small quantities and for limited amounts of time. Individuals are very interesting and even fun. People, especially lots of people, are noisy, annoying and basically? Crowds.

Recently I had the privilege of attending an award luncheon because I had been nominated, and chosen, for an Honorary Service Award for recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. The Costa Mesa High PTSA presented it. A really big honor. I’ve seen other people get the award and thought, “Wow, they do so much, they deserve that.” I can’t believe they think I’m “one of them.”

So, there I was at this expensive restaurant with a bunch of people I don’t really know. Ok. I knew some of them. I sat at the table for Cost Mesa High School, so, really, I should know them, right?

There was the principal and the vice-principal. Oh, yes. Well. I don’t really talk to them much. The vice-principal I’ve actually spoken to. His daughter was in drama last year. I haven’t seen them this year. I missed them because they did help a lot. And there was a teacher (she loves! parties and people) who had actually had all three of my children. Well, in reality, she still has one of my children. We said a quiet “hi” in-between her conversations. She sat across the table from me. She sat near the two ladies whose sons are in drama this year. They have both done a lot of volunteer work this year for drama. One loves to bake and brings bread and cookies to rehearsals. The kids all love her food. And the other one had the cast party at her house and would like to do so again! Those kinds of helpers are always encouraged! And there were two other really very nice ladies. One has a daughter in choir and I saw her later that night helping out at the concert I was helping with too. And there was another father, who knew the principal, but really didn’t like the whole crowd thing either.

I did manage to get him talking since we were sitting near each other. I hoped it would save me from total boredom. He had talked about fishing in Trabuco Canyon. I had always wondered about Trabuco Canyon since I had read in some local history of two sons dying while hunting there. He told me a lot about the area. He had previously been a law enforcement officer there too. I forgot to ask what he does now.

Crowds of people are okay. And separately, I’m sure all those people are very interesting and fun to be around. But when they are all together, it is just noise to me.

My daughter said it sounded like lots of fun. Guess whom she takes after?

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