Driving to work, most days

Okay, so I already wrote this post, but the spell check needed pop ups which my handidandy browser was blocking. Yep, so I clicked the box and it refreshed the page. And my post was gone. Love that, don’t you?

So, basically, I got gas in my minivan. A bad thing. I was excited about my extra hours at work until I discovered that paying $2.87 a gallon meant that I only worked yesterday to pay for my gas for the week. The minivan takes over 20 gallons of gas and gets about 15 mpg.

I’d like to say that I gained alot by using the UPromise I signed up for my daughter’s college fund, but, I’m still reeling from the over $60 I paid to fill up the car!

And Exxon and Mobile are still going up in revenue. Wonder why?

I would like to buy a hybrid or a diesel VW bug, but who can afford the $25-30k to invest in one. They have waiting lists for hybrids here.

Okay, well, I’d talk more, but now I gotta drive to work.

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