How to set up a home office workspace part three

What is needed for a home office workspace? A filing cabinet is needed. And then the things that go in it. File folders, pens for the labels, paper that is printed on to go in the files. You need at least one printer and backup ink for that printer. Invariably the ink will run out when you need to print something quickly.You should have some sort of software, spreadsheet, or system to keep track of your expenses and your income. You need a way to create invoices and track payments.You need the tools of your trade. For an artist, you need your pens, paints, drawing paper and other items for your particular products. For a writer, you need pens, paper (for when a computer just won’t do!), and a word processor program. For a home office you need to have a fast Internet connection and the ability to connect with your clients regularly. This probably means you need a computer that is just for you to use. For computer programmers, this may mean multiple computers that you use for a variety of purposes.The point is that yes, you do need to have a system for your home office and for how you work. For some that is a strict work only zone and for others like me it is all mixed up. You need to be comfortable while you work. If you have physical issues you cannot think and perform as needed. If working on your laptop at the bar causes your neck to hurt, then you need to find a different position to do your work.You need to trust yourself on what is necessary for you to work at home. Try to keep your work items at least in boxes or in a specific area of the house. My family knows that if there is a pile of things in the living room, dining room, or my room and they didn’t put them there, they don’t touch! I try to remember to clean up my areas more than occasionally and to remove things from high traffic areas.But remember, set up your home office according to your personality and not the way you “should” set it up. It will make things much easier on you and the people who live with you.

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