How to set up a home office workspace part two

Distractions are different for everyone. For me the distractions are the housework that piles up. It is the floor that needs to be vacuumed and the dishes that need doing. It is the laundry that should be done or the grass that should be watered and then cut a few days later. It is the lure of a new book to enjoy or the depression of lost income.Distractions are not my children moving in and out of the house. They provide excellent background noise and refreshing breaks from the computer screen. When they were younger some years they played together for hours without any disagreements at all. And then some years they could not play without intervention every few minutes. Nowadays, they keep me informed on their lives and every moment with them is precious.Distractions are not the television or music. I work best when I have a movie on that I have seen many times before. Then I follow along with the storyline while my brain works away at the writing. The noise gives me comfort and reminds me of a time when the kids made all the noise.Find out what is needed for a home office in part three.

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