How to set up your home office workspace part 1

Most will tell you to have a clean organized desk area that is ergonomically correct. They will explain how it should be easy to reach your file cabinets and reach your tools of trade. They want you to have a special spot free of distractions. It should be a quiet place where you can reflect on the challenges of your work.My home office is spread throughout my house in a variety of rooms. Because of issues with neck and wrist pain, I do better with a laptop on the couch than in an office chair. I need to have the ability to move around and support my back, my head and sometimes my arms.My office moves with me. Sometimes I need to work with less distractions and I will set up at the dining room table. I have a fan above, I’m close to the kitchen, the laundry facilities in the garage, and there is an old television with an even older VCR/DVD player.I sometimes work in the living room where it can be cooler, at least until my best fan (evaporative cooler) broke last week. I can move to my room if I need to concentrate harder. There I lie in bed and have mountains of pillows to support me. Or I can move to the new set up in the dining room where we have put the drafting table. There I can draw and design children’s books.I have a desk and office chairs. They are very nice. One holds the household desktop that contains our pictures, movies and is connected to the two printers. It also has a variety of papers and coupons that I regularly sift through and thin out. It is also the place of the only web camera in the house.I outfitted our house with several power strips. I use these as I move my laptop around the house from room to room. I can sit in the inexpensive massage chair in the dining room and contemplate the next article. I can lie on the couch with a cat sleeping next to me while I sort through emails and place bids on projects.Check out Part 2 for a look at distractions.

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