I have seen a great light!

I have seen a Great Light!Lord, You shatter the yoke that burdens me and You lift my load that weighs me down. I feel the delight of Your presence and Your joy fills my heart. Saturate my land with Your joy and fill my home with Your love. I have seen a great light and it is You, Almighty God!

My strength feels like it is slipping away and my emotions are strangled within me. I need You, Lord! I need Your joy. You give me the strength to make it through this life. Only through Your presence can I walk another day in uncertainty. Even though nothing in my life is sure, You are my Rock and my Fortress. I hide in You.

Lord, place Your strong hand on me and lean in close to me. Whisper in my ears and point out my path. Keep me from following the wrong people and opinions. Help me to keep my eyes on You and You alone. You are the Mighty God of Israel and the God of Abraham. Your promises are true and whatever concerns me, concerns You. Guide me today, Lord.

Thank You, Lord, for making me a new creation. You have given me a fresh start because Your mercies are new every morning. Make me clean, Lord, and purify me with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Your Son. He is Wonderful and the Prince of Peace. Your Spirit counsels me and comforts me. And He leads me to prosperity and peaceful living.

I have seen a great light!

Help me to speak out against injustice or oppression. Show me how to live in order to help the poor and helpless. Give me a heart for the marginalized. Teach me to love with Your love and spread Your message of hope everywhere I walk. Help me not to be arrogant or prideful but to accept help and caring from others sent by You. Teach me to speak softly and gently with Your children.

Lord, I want to lean on You alone instead of those who would take advantage of me. Help me carry my burdens. The pressure evaporates and I’m free when I walk close to You. Your presence is sweet to me. Help me stay focused on how mighty You are so that I don’t doubt Your care for me.

Show me Your love so I can truly say, “I have seen a great light!” It is the love of my God, my Savior, and my King.

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