This is my daddy’s day

This is my daddy’s day.  It is a precious day to me because it is my daddy’s birthday.  My daddy is precious to me.
I have become more aware of the preciousness of each individual soul around me.  God has created each of us unique.  Even though we have family traits and family leanings – each one of us is uniquely made.
We each respond to God in our own way.  The myriad of ways that we each create things – whether music or writings or electronics or machines or art or any number things – this creation is part of our uniqueness.
We each have our talents and our own ways of expressing God’s love around us.  Some have an abundance of compassion.  Some have unerring knowledge about thins.  Some can teach with justice and love.  Some can heal souls with touch, a smile, or a word. 
Some can bring clarity to a situation and help focus us on what is important.  Some ring wisdom sliding quietly in their wake.  Some are patient beyond all understanding.  Some never waver in mercy and grace.  Some gather together others with inspiration and truth.  Some quietly help in all manner of ways.
Each of us is precious to a very great God.  He loves us individually.  He speaks to us each one with kindness and patient goodness.  He seeks us out.  He longs for our love.  And he wants to spend eternity in our presence.
My precious daddy is a man of compassion.  He has attempted to do right and he has been a man of God.  He has shown me that compassion is not week 
Compassion is the strongest of traits.  Compassion disciplines when that is needed.  Compassion hugs when that is needed.  Compassion shares when that is needed.  Compassion is strong enough to take abuse and gives back love.  Compassion is strong enough to last through life.
Compassion is an important trait to me.  I find compassion in me and in those around me.  God’s Spirit shows us compassion and renews our compassion every day.
Happy Birthday, Daddy.
Philippians 1:8 God knows how much I love you and long for you with the tender compassion of Christ Jesus.

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