Who Am I? The Anna K Payne

Rest in Jesus - Favorite Verse of Anna K Payne

Anna K Payne Author, Blogger

Anna K Payne is the author of Driving with Anna devotional books, including Surviving Life and In Search of Me. She specializes in topics on Christian living. Anna also writes on working perspectives, parenting, and education. Find more of “Who Am I? Anna K Payne” on my other websites.

Her Christian fiction suspense series, Planted Flowers, follows the lives of six women who join a Bible study group. Through danger and prayer, they gain a support network. The series includes the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook to enable women everywhere to start their own Bible study.

She maintains the several blogs such as “AP Creations Devotions” and “Nourish Your Heart.”

Her other websites center around her passion for helping women re-enter the workforce. Posts include how-to posts for creating a career for which they are passionate. The websites are Helping Women Stay Home, Caring Industries, and Templates 4 Small Biz which contains relevant how-to articles.Who Am I The Anna K Payne

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