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God’s Love Goals Affirmation Journal Available

God’s love shines around us through nature, a smile, a gorgeous sunset, or precious peace in a storm. “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!” He loves us more than we can ever know or understand. We’ll sing His praises for all eternity as we grow increasingly into the knowledge of His love.

These affirmation journals are built using scriptures on a topic. They are meant to be used with the Free Daily Prayer Guides and the Verse Calendar. Each page spread shows two affirmations to meditate on and a space to write down your daily goals.

These journals come in 5×8 or 8×10 paperback, ebook, or a fillable PDF. This journal topic reminds me of the women in my family. God’s love shines from them to those around them, bringing His fragrant peace and joy. Check out the books and the freebies.

Do you have a suggestion for a topic? Let me know.

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