Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Many years ago, in the time before the internet or even phones, a young man stood on a bridge overlooking the Thames River in London. Something happened to him that made him think dying was better than living. 

It could have been his home life or his work prospects. It might have been a lost love or unrequited love. We don’t know. 

But sometime during the cold, dark night, Jesus’s love spoke to his heart. He felt the urge to kill himself and leave as he gave himself over to God’s love. From this experience, he was able to pen the poem “The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus.”

Oh-oh the deep, deep love of Jesus 
Vast unmeasured, boundless, free
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me
Underneath me, all around me
Is the current of His love
Leading onward, leading homeward to
Thy glorious rest above
Oh-oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
‘Tis a heav’n of heav’ns to me
And it lifts me up to glory
For it lifts me up to Thee
Oh-oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Spread His praise from shore to shore
How He loveth, ever loveth
Changeth never, nevermore

Samuel Trevor Francis

In the Bible, many times, the concept of loving deeply is mentioned. For Abraham, this was true. Isaac was the long-awaited son of Sarah, given to him by God in his old age. When Isaac’s mother died, his wife, Rebekah, comforted him, and he grew to love her deeply. 

God loves us deeply. His love is gracious and full of deep compassion for our souls. God’s love grows deeply in us. This love is action-based, continually increasing and revealing who God is and who we are in Him.

The Lord’s great love leads us and shows us the truth. It does not fail us. God reached deep into sin to raise us up into new life with Him in Christ Jesus. Because of his unfailing love, we can love each other deeply and fully. We remember how God loved us, and we love others in those same ways.

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