The world of Planted Flowers

What makes up the world of Planted Flowers? Is it the people, the church, or the surrounding area? Or is it the stories filled with Christian values, an exciting encounter, and a touch of romance?

The world of Planted FlowersPlanted Flowers series is based in central coastal Orange county, in southern California. Much of Orange county people live regular lives centered around work and family. Not everyone in the county is rich or even well-off. More than half of the workers’ income falls below the low income threshold. They struggle to pay rent and buy food.

As rent continues to escalate, younger workers find it difficult to pay rent, even in shared housing. The older generation provides housing for the younger ones putting off their retirement. When basic needs are at risk, other issues become more important.

The world of Planted Flowers

In the Planted Flowers series, we touch on homelessness, drugs, and families with medical needs. The characters visit a battered women’s shelter and experience the limit to what one church can do. Neighborhoods and many churches together can put together resources for the needs of the community. And they can help where government resources fail.

These problems exist everywhere. They are not limited to southern California or Orange County. People need God and His love.

The series revolves around the friendships created by the Planted Flowers group and the support the women give to each other. Each of them reveal new strengths and God-given talents which they use to help the others. Praying for others becomes their main focus as they learn who they are in Christ Jesus.

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