Benefits of Adult Children Living at Home

I have all three of my children living at home.  They are all adults.  One of my daughters is married to a wonderful man and he lives here also.One of the things I like best about the kids still living here is the conversations that go on.  They talk about all kinds of subjects.  We stop and pray.  We encourage each other.  We laugh together.  We watch movies together.  We all understand about work and time off.  We all respect each others privacy.My son sets up the recordings for the week on the main dvr.  All the children empty the dishwasher at different points in time.  There are other cooks in the house.  Other people drive and go to the grocery store.  Other people feed the cats.  They all do their own laundry and clean their rooms.Each day brings at least one new precious memory.  I enjoy the presence of these people, my family.

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