The Fire Rages Still

Sand fire near our homeWe’ve had two fires near us in the last month. The most recent fire came very close. I drove by some of the burned areas near the reopened shopping mall. It really was very close to our house. Fortunately, we didn’t have to evacuate and wonder what to wear, what to eat, where to eat, and what to do with our cats. We were the fortunate this time. But the fire rages still.

Fire rages still

Other families were not so fortunate. They spent almost a week in evacuation shelters, a friend’s houses, or wherever they could go. We didn’t lose our house with everything in it. Our animals safely slept indoors. We didn’t have to figure out what to do about food or clothes.

The families still dealing with evacuations or loss are in our prayers. We pray for the many firefighters who rescued so many homes. And we are thankful we have a home and can go to bed early to sleep.Our air quality is still fairly bad but it gets better everyday. The winds are not too strong today but could return any time. It will be over 100 degrees two more days this week. Will there be more fires? Will the valley be threatened again?

With all these interruptions it is hard to focus on work and writing. But at least I am home safe with my family. Thank you, Lord!

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