Driving to work, most days

Driving to work can become almost automatic. I’ve discovered that this is true when I planned to go to Fry’s on the way to work and end up at work anyway.

Work is interesting most of the time. I work for Welcome Aboard! Catalog. I’ve been there nearly three years now. I do some HTML and customer service and whatever else needs doing. I really enjoy seeing all the things you can buy if you own a boat or an RV. And I have to work really hard not to buy all the cool things I would like to have in my house, such as teak items for the bathroom and kitchen.

And I keep redesigning my own personal Sleep System. When they got the new colors last year I decided I’d like to have one in Sage or Mulberry, or maybe both? Maybe I could have one side Sage and one side Mulberry. That way in the winter time when it is cold, I could have a Mulberry accented room so that the warm colors will make the room seem warmer. And in the summer time I could have the Sage accented room so that the cool colors will make the room seem cooler. Much needed since there is no air conditioner.

I just haven’t figured out how to get the room walls to flip sage to mulberry and back again.

I also do web design/programming on the side at home. I’m doing a web site for my boss for his RVSuperbag side of his business. I’m supposed to be working on that right now. Sigh. I guess I should go.

Until next drive…

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