Nutrasweet and Hormones

Well, I guess it is official. Nutrasweet causes hot flashes in me. Either it leaches out my estrogen or some other thing happens. But drinking Diet Coke with Nutraisweet causes me to have hot flashes. And not just any hot flashes, but the “keep me awake all night, dripping wet” hot flashes.

Drinking Diet Coke with Nutrasweet is the only thing that I drink or eat with Nutrisweet. So, when I talk of giving up Nutrasweet, it means, I have to give up Diet Coke. And when I say give up Diet Coke, I mean, I give up Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke.

When I stop the Diet Coke with Nutrasweet the hot flashes become less pronounced to the point of disappearing. Drinking Diet Coke with Splenda seems to be fine. And Drinking Diet Rite White Grape or Tangerine or Red Raspberry seems to be fine too. And of couse, water is fine. Sigh.

It will interesting to see what side effects Splenda will have, but at least I won’t be having hot flashes for a while.

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