Encourage Your Leaders

Encourage Your LeadersLeaders today exist amidst a swirl of feelings, social media, and expectations. Each one must perform and exist for a wide variety of purposes. A certain amount of loneliness and temptations surround our leaders. Today, find time to encourage your leaders.

Praying for your leaders was commanded by the apostles. Moses was exhorted to encourage and instruct Joshua. Leaders, in all forms, are in reality humans with strengths and weaknesses.

Pray for your leaders, pastors, teachers, those in authority over you

How can we encourage our leaders? 

To encourage pastors, we pray for them and their families. We pray for health and safety, strength and courage, kindness and patience. Extending grace and love, we ask how to help them as well as listen to their words.

To encourage our government officials, we pray for them and their families. We write to them when we agree with them as well as when we do not. Extending grace and love, we remember they are humans also, with needs, strengths and weaknesses. They are capable of temptations and we can pray for strength and courage to stand against evil or greed.

Encourage Your Leader iphone 7 caseWrite to encourage your leaders

Leaders are not just the government officials, worldwide, country, region, or local. They go by many titles, policemen, teachers, professors, firemen, our employers, bosses, and even our parents. In each case, these leaders need our attention, courtesy, kindness, and cooperation.

They also need our prayers. Anyone who has power can abuse that power and our prayer is for strength and courage to overcome temptations and greed. As we pray, we find ourselves perceiving them with grace and mercy.

How are you encouraging your leaders?

Deuteronomy 3:28 So instruct Joshua, and strengthen and encourage him, because he’s the one who will lead the people into the land you see and make it their territory. He will conquer it for them.
Romans 1:12 Plus I know that when we come together something beautiful will happen as we are encouraged by each other’s faith.

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