How to start a blog

While many sources on the web suggest you start a blog with a rented server and your own domain name, I think that the best way to go is to use any of the free blogging services.You can use the free services on or the free services on Both of these free services are easy to use and easy to make changes in the look of the site.The most important part of a blog is you. What do you want to write about? Generally you should write what you know.I started out writing about my life that at the time existed mostly of driving around in the van. I would take kids to school and then pick them up. I would chauffeur kids to activities and school events. I would drive all sorts of places.So, what do you know? My brother has several blogs. He writes on one about his various learning excursions where he gains interesting knowledge in the IT world. On another blog he writes fun articles about his family.My mother writes blogs on retirement. She was a teacher and then a gifted administrator. Now she does all kinds of things. Some of her blogs are on family history. Some of her blogs are on her thoughts on her Christian life. She has another blog where she displays her poetry.I see her blogs as the glimpses into her life that my children and grandchildren will treasure in the future. I wish I had a blog from my grandparents. Then I would know more about them and their lives.Whatever you decide to write about, whether it is recipes, your favorite dog breeds, or your photography hobby, someone will be interested in sharing your thoughts with you.Your writing will be uniquely you and will allow you to leave your mark here on this world. It will also help you to share your life with friends and family that live far away.Here is more information and help on starting a blog at

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