How to write Article Marketing Part Three

How to make your title interestingThe title of your article should draw the attention of the reader as well as contain keywords and actually describe what the article is about.Titles should not look forced, they should be readable and make sense. The keywords that you add to the title should fit in with the title meaning.There are different types of titles to draw the interest of the reader:

  • The direct title which concisely explains the content of the article
  • The indirect title which uses a more subtle approach but pulls in the reader
  • The self-explanatory that just names what the article is
  • The how to title that says How to whatever the article is about
  • The question title where you ask a question
  • The imperative headline where you command your reader to do something
  • The reasoning title such as 10 reasons, 12 tips, 8 ideas, 6 steps

What about keywords?Keywords are the words that are used most often in the article referring to a certain subject. When writing the article you will notice that you use certain words or phrases more often than others to explain or to inform your reader. These words or phrases are the keywords.If you are concerned about the keywords you are using and whether they will help you generate more traffic you can check one or both of these free keyword tools:

Check out the best ezines and use those. If you only write 2 articles a week, then just submit it to one publisher. If you write more, say 8 articles a week, then you could submit to 4 different directories.

To find more search “article directory”Remember, this is part of your advertising budget. This is how you are advertising for free!

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