It’s time for me to rest with family I love

Rest with FamilyRest with family. That doesn’t sound like it could happen, rest, with family around. But it rests something inside me to hear my children laughing together, talking together, and working on hangman tv together.

I love listening to their voices. Watching the interactions of the children I raised. Two share a love of higher math and get jokes no one else does. The two sisters seek each other out to share life stories and get opinions. My son and my husband talk about science.

Rest with Family

Things and people crowded the house. Sounds came from every side. Naps were hard to come by, for my grandson too. But it was fun.

I spent time out with my husband on both our anniversary and for his birthday, one week apart. Just to look into each other’s eyes and say, “Hello.”

The last eighteen months have been the best and hardest of our marriage. But we are grateful for each other and for the family with which we are blessed.

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