Cover Art Ideas, Where do they come from?

Rose Book 6 Planted FlowersI plan to self publish my books sometime this year. I have an artist who is working to create some art for me. For my planted flowers series I have planned images containing drawings of the different flowers.

Cover Art represents the Book

For my devotionals I try to have the cover art be close to the subject matter. I want the cover to say something about the book. I don’t think I chose well for the devotionals ‘Driving with Anna’. I used the back of a car and a picture of palm trees and meshed them together with my simplistic photo shop skills.

Doing the text is as important as the cover art itself. The layout, where the title is, how big the author’s name is, all of those are important. A good layout is something someone with great graphic skills can make even better. But they are expensive.

But ideas for the cover art itself comes from within you. When you know your story and you have spent so much time making it come alive for your readers, you want the cover to reflect the real story. I’ve spent hours searching for the image, the art, the feeling I want to display to proudly pull in new readers.

In the end, you must make a decision and stick with it. Otherwise, the cover will never be finished.

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