Why I Charge Less

Why I Charge LessSetting a price for ecourses, books, ebooks, and workbooks is a complicated procedure. I’ve read many how-to articles on creating products to sell and how to set prices. All the advice I’ve read makes it important to value your work. But as I pray for each product launch, my prices go lower than I expected. Some may wonder why I charge less for my products. Are they worth more? Yes.

The current price for many ecourses starts at $19. My ecourse, 12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer, is set at$5. The original estimations for it were $19 but through seeking God’s will I reduced the price down until it was $5. Why? Because the people I want to reach are not rich and they don’t have extra money. $5 to them means going without something to purchase a book or course. This is also why the ebook for Pray Specifically Journal is only $2.99 with extra pages being free to download.

Why I Charge Less

My mentors have inspired me to focus on what God says instead of what others do. These women also believe I have a message from God of hope, encouragement, and love. My trust in God to widen the reach of my ministry is more important than making money from the products. And even though God’s focus for me this year is to balance my budget and to move me to action, I have to trust in Him to show me how to do it.

I spend months on a product and work hard at my day job at the same time, but I still believe God wants everyone to be able to afford to read and study with me. This is why I charge less and I offer the Paynelessly Free Reading Club for anyone who wants to read any book for free. All I ask is for an honest review of the book posted on Amazon, Goodreads, or other places.

What is my ministry? It can be summed up in the motto:

Inspire Hope, Encourage Others, Love Richly, and Listen Well Through Christ Jesus who Strengthens Me.

Through my books, devotions, blog posts, workbooks, Bible study, and more, I want to bring hope to hurting women and encourage them to step forward in their walk with God. They learn how richly and extravagantly God loves them. I teach them to listen to God and listen to others. And we do all of this through the strength we receive from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Read more about Anna and her books to find encouragement today! Join with Anna in prayer for her ministry! Or find where her interests and yours meet together through her websites.

For those who love to read Christian fiction, suspense, and a touch of romance, click to my Planted Flowers series website.

Need non-fiction, devotional type books, click this link to my AP Creations Devotions website.

For those who are interested in working at home and all that entails, click this link to the website in progress, Helping Women Stay Home. Of course, you don’t have to be a woman, or even have little children. Being able to work for yourself or quit your commute sounds great to almost everyone.

Each website is based on hope, encouragement, and love

If anyone is working on a WordPress website or would like to build one, click to Templates 4 Small Biz. This website will have WordPress tips and I plan to add links to Fiverr gigs for help with websites for Authors, Bloggers, or small businesses.

For those with Food Allergies or an interest in living a chemically free home life, click the link to Then What Can I Eat? Here I’ll add our own recipes, meal plans, and struggles we have in preparing food for a variety of allergies and conditions.

Are you an indie author? If you are interested in more indie publishing tips and how-tos, click the link to AP Creations Publishing.

My other websites include:

Nourish Your Heart – a website dedicated to encouraging and inspiring hope in God;

This website, Anna K Payne, the Writer – my author website listing all of my books and posts about my struggles as a writer;

Caring Industries – a place to advertise your website and find resources you need;

AP Creations – my main website where I seek to inspire hope, encourage others, love richly, and listen well.


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