Creating Plots with all Speed!

Jasmine Book 5 Planted FlowersWe are approaching the beginning of #Nanowrimo and I am working hard on the plots. I’ve gotten most of the books organized by now and have some twists and subplots in mind. I’m writing the first drafts of the last three books in my series, Planted Flowers.

Updated: Books are published

The series is basically about 6 women who don’t know each other very well or at all. They meet for 6 months on a biweekly basis going through a Planted curriculum that is designed to grow them closer to God and to each other. Each of the 6 women have flower names. It was a joke by the church staff since their leader has a flower name also. But each of the women are growing closer to God and each other!

Camellia Book 4 Planted FlowersI used because it is a great place for lists.  I have created one board of lists about the characters and their books.  I have created another board of lists on how to write a plot, based on the book, The Busy Writer’s One Hour Plot

I then create a board for writing a specific book, where I have my outline from the Series board, the notes I made on the plot, and then the plot. From there I create a list of scenes in order, or what I think the order will be. Then I can create a done list and move the scenes over to the done list when I’ve written them.

I’m hoping to have the scene lists for the last three books done this week.  That way during November all I do is write the first draft without looking back!

I use google documents to write the first draft.  I can use it on any connected device that I can comfortably type on.  I just need an internet connection, which I generally have anywhere.I am very excited for the next three books. We have some exciting times!

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