Sometimes it’s hard to think

editing and listsI can get bogged down in editing easily. It could be because I tend to get distracted by something new, such as a new class or writing exercise.

Soon my head is filled with all the things I need to be doing and none of the things I need to think about. That’s when I start another list.

Editing, Editing and more Editing

I write down everything I need to know about everything and I keep writing until my head is empty. Then I can think. My biggest hurdle and fear is I will forget what is on the list I just made.

I once created 6 lists and one list of the lists on paper. Then I lost them. I had no idea what was on the papers. That’s why I wrote them down!

Now I use digital means to create the lists.

I will be making new lists later to help me edit tomorrow and finish more of my tasks.

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