The Woes of Travel with a Writer

Woes of Travel with a WriterWhat’s it like to travel with a writer? Ask my poor husband after a long trip.

Day One:

Me: “I can’t leave now. I’m in the middle of a post!”

Hubbie: The plane leaves on time, we need to go.

Me: “Right, ” Long sigh while packing up computer, ipad, phone, charging wires, strip, notebooks, pens, and then staring at computer bag. “I’m not sure I can carry all of this.”

Day Two:

Hubbie: “Let’s go grab some food.” (Pause.) “Honey?”

Me: “Now?”

Hubbie: “Aren’t you hungry?”

Me: stomach rumbles. sighing and closing computer.

Day Three:

Hubbie: “Let’s go exploring today!”

Me: glaring. “For how long?”

Hubbie: sigh.

Travel with a Writer Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens in St. Louis November 2017

Day Six:

Hubbie: “Time to leave for family dinner.”

Me: ?

Hubbie: “We are visiting with the cousins today.”

Me:? slowly closing computer.

Day Fourteen:

Me: plugging in computer and opening

Hubbie: “I enjoyed the trip, didn’t you?”

Me: typing noises.

Travel with a Writer has Disadvantages

Our trip wasn’t that bad, although, that’s from my point of view. I’m sure I didn’t spend as much time on the computer writing as I needed to, or wanted to. But I’m sure my husband wanted more interaction.

We enjoyed our time together in St. Louis exploring the Mississippi and Missouri confluence as well as our day at the Botanical Gardens. We love the few days we get in the lovely town of St. Louis.

We drive to visit with his mom and family down south for the Thanksgiving weekend. I help out with computer issues and we both enjoy visiting with his mother, his aunt and uncle, and all the cousins.

Then we drive to visit with my parents and family further north for the week after Thanksgiving. My mom and I work on computer projects while Brent hikes the countryside. We visit my dad every day in the nursing home. And we visit with my brother and his family as their working schedules allow.

I took as many pictures as my failing phone would let me. And didn’t hug family nearly enough. We are already planning our next trip.

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