Just Write Anyway

Staring at the computerI’ve been listening to webinars and videos on how to get your posts to be the best they can be! It is so intimidating. I need focus. I need good content. I need to write with facts and knowledge and touch the hearts of my readers. I need a good headline. I need a good finish. And I need a call to action. I want to run screaming and hide my face!

Just write!

I need to be able to write what I am feeling and what is important to me at the moment. But if I’m so focused on doing it right that I’m not doing it at all, I’m failing.

So this post is my confession:

I’m going to stop learning how to do it, and just do it.I will try to keep you updated on my progress without worrying if I’m focused enough. Because this is about me trying to write and finish something.

I’m almost done with the first book to publish this year, but first I have to write a blurb about me, a blurb about the book, and my dedication in the book. And for that I have to think some, but mostly I just need to write.

This is me, just writing.

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