Back to editing

Anna K Payne Planted Flowers bibleNovember is over. I still have several thousand words to write to finish the series. I’m hoping to do that soon, but I will need to review the how to write a series course by Holly Lisle.  I’m having some issues with my story lines and I think it stems from something I forgot in previous books.

Meanwhile, it is back to editing, learning how to revise, and spending time doing the work of writing.  I’m busy reviewing Holly Lisle’s great revising your novel online class.

Holly really makes you work through your story to help you get the book you wanted to write. I love her courses.  You can find more at her new website that is slowly forming at Holly’s Writing Classes

I love writing, but editing is what I’ve been spending the last year learning, so I’m looking forward to editing all six books in the series over the next months. Thanks, Holly!

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