I have a schedule?

Finish! Anna K PayneI’m finally back to updating my blogs. I have been so focused on rewriting book descriptions (and rewriting and rewriting), creating a new parenting/relationship book (coming soon – editing now!), and editing Lily, the first fiction to be published soon, I haven’t been able to get to my blogs. But no more, I have a schedule!

Hopefully I will be able to keep to the schedule and begin adding more to each of my websites. Meanwhile, I am busy editing Iris now, book 2 of Planted Flowers. As I race to finish my projects this year, projects for next year are piling up!

Coming in the Fall 2016, the complete Planted Flowers series, all six books will be available by December 31st. Also available will be Love and Respect, my first parenting book focusing on relationships with the people we come into contact with daily. It comes with a free exercise! To reintroduce my Driving with Anna devotionals, I will be giving away a free children’s activity book!

Coming in 2017, Matthew’s Matchmaker series begins publishing. The new realtor series based in Santa Clarita Valley will also be published starting in early 2017. And I am working with a time travel right now that I hope to finish by summer 2017. While I’m working out the new series of fiction I hope to also publish devotionals based on personal prayers, Praying through the Prophets and Praying through the Pauline Epistles. It will be a busy year and I haven’t finished this year yet!

Keep praying with me that I can Finish!

This year’s theme is Finish. My God has a finished work in mind and his plans are for our welfare. Let’s focus on Him!

If you are interested in a free advanced copy or free devotional already published and are willing to review the book, please click here!

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