What does a Brochure Website cost?

What does a Brochure Website cost?What does a Brochure Website cost? Basic Brochure Starter Website Package starts at $209*

Do you want to start on a Brochure Website for your company today but you are unsure how much it will cost?

A starter Brochure Website with the minimum number of pages can be less expensive than you think. For a home page, contact page, about us page, and a “products and/or service” page only, the website can be set up with just the hosting cost, the domain name cost, and the cost of setting up the pages.

The hosting cost starts for between $75 and $100 and is for a 12-month contract. The domain name cost varies, but can be obtained for less than $9 a year. Using a free theme allows you to spend less to start up your website. And the cost of the four pages to start your site with is $25 for each page. The fee includes helping you with images, a logo, and webpage content.

What does a Brochure Website cost?

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Bluehost and Just Host offer attractive starter packages that include free SSL. If you choose a three-year plan, the monthly cost is less, but the initial start-up cost is more.

NameSilo.com offers domain names for less than $9 a year which includes privacy for your name and address details.

You can find free themes in WordPress.com.

*The above pricing is based on the number of pages and optional features and includes the price for the domain name and virtual server.

Other costs are:

  • We design a custom logo – $100
  • A newsletter plugin setup – $50 – does not include the cost of an email program
  • You add a shopping cart setup – $25-$200 depending on the number of products, pages, and shopping cart used.
  • Changes beyond original scope – minor changes to the design – first hour included, $40 an hour after that
  • Significant changes to the design – $40 an hour
  • Changes to text – $40 an hour after the first hour.
  • Includes one hour of training on how to make changes to the text.

Domain name registration and virtual server costs will be paid by the client as part of the procedures.

Payment plans are through PayPal.

Paypal invoices are emailed for extra features and options.

The first payment is needed after the first consultation meeting, and the contract is signed.

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