What is a Living Legacy Website?

What is a Living Legacy Website?A Living Legacy Website is a blog, website, or place on the Internet where you have gathered information and stories pertaining to your life or your family. More importantly, it has meaningful memories of your life and your decisions or choices. It contains the outside events of history that have shaped your life, and the values or spiritual beliefs you have garnered through living your story. What is a living legacy website and how do you make it personal?

What is a Living Legacy website?

Future generations will read history through your eyes. They will come to know you through this Living Legacy Website.

Some families have a gift for sharing stories and writing journals or letters. They like saving things. In my family are several books available detailing the family history from different viewpoints. One history holds every child born in the family to the 7th generation. Another history is only stories and two generations of history.

Depending on your goals, you can write a few pages in an hour or two. If you are interested in something more complex, it may be a project you work on for weeks or months. Some people might update changes and add new events regularly or annually.

The purpose of your Living Legacy website is your decision

You decide which aspects of your life to focus on and which specific incidents to include. It is your decision the perspective from which you will write. Readers of family histories want to know what the people in the story did, what they believed, how they lived and how they felt.

Will this be a website just for your extended family? Do you want to create a book with pictures for future generations or the coffee table? Or do you want to share your story hoping it will help others?

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