Day 29 Jeremiah 30:10

Jeremiah 30:10‘So fear no more, Jacob, dear servant.    Don’t despair, Israel.Look up! I’ll save you out of faraway places,    I’ll bring your children back from exile.Jacob will come back and find life good,    safe and secure.I’ll be with you. I’ll save you.There were times in my life when I sinned and wandered away from God. I exiled myself. I turned away from him. But he did not go away. He did not turn his back on me. When I repented of my sin and my way of life I turned around to find God right behind me. He is always with me.Before Jesus came and died people did not have the same assurance. They did not have the Spirit of God. When they were gone from Israel, they were in exile. They were not safe. And life was not good.Lord, thank you for forgiving me of my sin. Thank you for washing me clean and making me righteous. Thank you for loving me enough to want to spend time with me. Help me not to fear today. Help me not to despair of the mountains in front of me today. With you life is good. With you I am safe and secure. You are always with me. You will save me today.

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