Day 64 March 5 Joshua 1:3

Joshua 1:3I’m giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on—just as I promised Moses.Some days I feel like I am going to have to fight for every square inch of progress I will make this day. I might be tired. I might feel weary from the fight yesterday. But progress must be made. I must get more done. I must move forward. I must keep going.Think of a kid playing some arcade game of hit the mole. That’s what I feel like. God will give me every square inch of land I set my foot on. So I am going to stomp on every square inch of land around me and move out from there. But I feel like the kid in the arcade game, hitting and sometimes missing the moles. I don’t want to panic and start hitting at random. I need a plan. I need a process. I need the next step.Lord, please forgive me for giving up too soon some days. Help me to depend more on you than on me. Help me to reach out to you when I feel overwhelmed or feeling like I’m panicking. Teach me your ways. Lead me when I’m straying. Pull me along when I’m dragging. Carry me when I’m all in.I will depend on you today to get me through.

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