Day 65 March 6 Zechariah 8:15

Zechariah 8:15-17Don’t be afraid. And now here’s what I want you to do: Tell the truth, the whole truth, when you speak. Do the right thing by one another, both personally and in your courts. Don’t cook up plans to take unfair advantage of others. Don’t do or say what isn’t so. I hate all that stuff. Keep your lives simple and honest.” Decree of God.God doesn’t want me to be afraid. But he does want me to tell the truth. He wants me to do the right thing for other people. He wants me to be fair to others. He wants me to say what is right and do what is right. I am to keep my life simple and honest.But it is hard. It is hard to tell the truth when you know it will displease other people. It is hard to say what you are see as being what is when you are surrounded by people who only see what they want to see.Lord, give me the strength and courage today to be able to speak the truth, the whole truth in your love. Fill me with your love, your peace and your joy today so that I can be a light to others. Enable me to move forward today in the tasks that are set in front of me. Help me to move on past the hurt and betrayal of those who are supposed to love me.Lord, forgive me for causing hurt in others. Forgive me for leaving things hanging. Forgive me for being selfish and not caring for my loved ones properly. Forgive me for endangering others with my neglect of truth.Help me to live faithfully today. Strengthen my heart and soul with your wisdom and the knowledge to deal with what is. Give me your gentleness. Give me your kindness. Give me your perseverance because mine is like a worthless rag. I need you to live inside of me today so that I can do what you have asked me to do.

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