How To Choose An Accounting Program

When I needed to start fresh in 2010 with my business paperwork, I decided I needed an accounting software to help me create invoices for customers, track payments, bills and expenses. I did a search and found this web page with current accounting programs that are FREE! Obviously, this is good when trying to cut costs.I looked through the list and clicked on the links so that I understood what each program offered. I ended up choosing QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition for several reasons.1. My current tax program, TaxAct would allow me to import QuickBooks information.2. It is a reputable company that has been doing accounting for years.3. Several places where I have worked have used their software.4. It would be easy to graduate to a more professional software later when my business really takes off!Here is the link to the page and you can research if for yourself and your needs!

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