How will I benefit by preparing my Living Legacy Website?

Benefit by Preparing Your own Living Legacy WebsitesThe benefits of creating a Living Legacy Website range from providing a history for your loved ones to deepening your connection to your own history. Through the Living Legacy Website, you can give voice to your own personal truths and stories. You can clarify your values and life goals. You can give your experience, values, and wisdom to the future generations. Benefit by preparing your own Living Legacy Website today!

Recently, after my father’s death, my mother and I were going through the files from my grandmother’s writings. We found many treasures in the form of letters, stories, and more. There were programs from family reunions from long ago. Tears flowed from both our eyes as we oohed and aahed over every piece of paper.

Saying goodbye to family is difficult. A Living Legacy Website allows you to visit the stories often and add new stories as you think of them.

Benefit by Preparing Your Living Legacy Website

As with any activity that is introspective and reflective in nature, unresolved personal and emotional issues may emerge that require professional guidance. Make sure you have a network of support, whether through friends or family, as you begin the journey through your past.

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