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Introducing Lost and Found

Introducing Lost and Found: Community of Hope

Introducing “Lost and Found: Community of Hope” as the third book in the series “Emily’s Cat Mysteries.” Emily and Jeffrey are busy helping others again.

Introducing Lost and Found

In each of the series’s books, I take an idea from the timeline of the year 2020 and an idea from the Prophets and Letters that Emily uses as her Bible reading for journaling. It provides background themes for each book.

The first three books set the tone and set of characters in Emily’s Cat Mysteries. I hope you enjoy the books and the next ones to come.

In Lost and Found, Emily and Jeffrey host three families who lost their homes and more in a local wildfire. Emily and Jeffrey struggle with sleep and responsibility as the house fills up with people and animals.

Watch as Jeffrey, Emily, and the rest of the gang make sacrifices and spend energy bringing hope to their community.

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