Ramon’s Heart

Ramon's Heart Planted Flowers seriesRamon plays a pivotal role in several of the Planted Flowers series novels. He is John’s, the detective, good friend and fellow law enforcement officer. But he is best known to readers as the love interest in Lily, Book 1. Ramon’s heart undergoes changes in Lily’s book as he falls in love with Lily and the God she worships.

Not too long ago, Ramon was involved in a different undercover operation and he became involved with a woman. He thought she was a victim of circumstances and she applied to him for help. She flirted with him and convinced him she was in danger.

Ramon’s Heart for Lily

But she was not innocent. This woman pulled information from Ramon and used it against him and the investigation. People were injured and Ramon nearly lost his job. His trust of a woman involved in a case was shattered. He felt hurt and betrayed.

Then he met Lily. A beautiful woman with a secret who is involved in a case with many mysteries. Ramon is immediately distrustful of her and her claims of danger. What he doesn’t see right away is Lily doesn’t say she is in danger, she just reports suspicious activities.

John teases Ramon and counsels him, but in the end they both know Lily is in grave danger. They work to protect her and keep watch on her activities. It’s a good thing too, because Ramon falls for Lily. If he lost her, he would lose his heart.

Ramon’s Heart for God

Meanwhile, God is working through Lily to get closer to Ramon. He sees her peace even through difficulties and exhaustion and wants to know more. He needs to know God’s forgiveness and to learn to forgive himself for the other woman’s betrayal. Through God’s love and care, Ramon’s heart will shed its hard shell and open to both God and Lily.

Ramon joined a men’s Bible study group and learned he is worthy of God’s love through the sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus Christ. With this change in Ramon’s heart, God starts working in John’s life too.

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