Welcome to the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook Resources!

Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook Resources
Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook – Coming October 1st!

I’m so glad you have purchased the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook! Welcome. To help you find all of the resources you will need, I’ve created this post which anyone can read. This is the Planted Flowers Bible study workbook resources page.

This page offers resources for your Planted Flowers Bible study.

Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook Resources

Spiritual Gifts in Week 4, Month 4 – links to the spiritual gift assessments.

Youtube videos in Week 3, Month 5 – links to money and giving to God videos.

Send an email to Anna – Do you have a prayer request or need help? Click here to send Anna an email.

Contact Sheet template: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Help gather contact information during Week One, Month One.

Leaders Weekly Contact Sheet template: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Help leaders contact each member every week.

Prayer Request Weekly Sheet template: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Hand out sheets to members to help them pray weekly or for the leader to use.

Prayer Stations and How to Set-up: What the prayer stations mean: blog post.

Leader Prayer Partner Assignment Sheet template: Downloadable, Printable PDF – make sure each member matches with different people each month.

Leader Serving Opportunity Email templates: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Emails to send to organizations for serving opportunities.

Serving Sheet template: Setup, What to and Who will bring, Meeting times. The serving sheet to fill out and keep it organized. Instruction sheet included.

Serving Sheet Debrief template: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Help your members make sense of serving and their feelings.

Tell My Story template: Downloadable, Printable PDF. Blank sheets to print for the members to fill out in Week One, Month 6.

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Bonus products from the Planted Flowers series

Check your mental health

Where do you stand today? Walking through a trauma, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, takes time and effort. Some days it can be important to ‘Check In’ with your mental health.

Are you experiencing your emotions today? How do you feel? Questions like these are what a therapist asks in every meeting. If you are concerned about your answers, share with someone you trust. But find out the answers and learn to accept them.

A Printable PDF for you to use every day!

What is the Status of Your Marriage?

Sometimes a marriage feels in trouble. There are many problems in a marriage but it just takes a minute to discover the status of your marriage.

This page can be filled out by newlyweds, couples in counseling, or as part of a marriage enrichment course. The important thing is to think about your answers and share them with each other.

A printable PDF to share with your spouse.


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