George is Lonely

George is lonely. A short story based on Book 6, Rose, Planted Flowers seriesGeorge watched Mark attempt to sneak out to a quick lunch with Rose. Even though he knew it was wrong, he was envious. Everyone remarked when they didn’t think he was listening. “George is lonely.”

“Mark?” Mark stopped on his way out the door. He turned back to George and George clapped with glee.

“George, I’m heading out for a meeting. I’m almost late.” Mark’s tone made George’s face fall, and he felt lonely again. “George…”

“It’s okay, Mark.” George waved away anything Mark started to say. “You go on, Mark. I’ll finish this report for the staff meeting this afternoon.” He bowed his head toward the papers on his desk.

Mark paused for a few seconds before he hurried away. Rose would be waiting for him in the cafe.

George sighed. He leaned back and looked at the ceiling. “Well, Lord? What do I do now?”

“I thought you were working on that report?”

George looked up at the senior pastor and grinned. He motioned to the papers in front of him. “I am.”

Have you prayed about it?

The man walked close to his desk and sat down in a stray chair. “Talk to me, George. That prayer was heartfelt.”

George felt his eyes fill with tears. He looked at his hands on his desk and fiddled with a pen letting out a sigh. “I’m feeling lonely, I guess. It isn’t too different than my normal way of life. Mark’s new romance gives me a wealth of teasing material, but I’m jealous of him. He’s young and filled with plans.”

The pastor smiled. “Yes, it is fun to watch new romance blossom.” He searched George’s face making him squirm in his seat. “Have you prayed about your loneliness, George?”

George grinned. “Well, that would be what I was doing when you walked in, I think.” They both laughed.

The pastor stood. “Try being more specific and watch the miracle happen.” He walked away humming, and George recognized the song. The lyrics echoed in his mind. “It takes a miracle to put the stars in place…”

George shook his head and sighed. “Lord, I’m lonely. Show me what to do next in my life.” His phone beeped, and he looked down.

George is lonely

The email alert icon blinked on the phone. George swiped his phone to check it. He didn’t get many personal emails. Opening the email with little interest, still thinking about his prayer for guidance, he began to read. His eyes opened wide, and he sat up in his chair. His mouth dropped open, and he stood up holding his phone out in front of him. He didn’t see Mark walk in and stop to stare at him.

“George! What is it? What’s wrong?” Mark rushed forward and helped George sit in his chair. “You’ve gone pale.”

George held his phone out to Mark. “I received this email. I prayed and then I got this email.”

Mark took George’s phone and read it. “I can’t read this, George, it’s personal.” He looked at George and back at the phone, then he grinned. “Why George, why didn’t you mention you have a woman interested in you?”

George looked up feeling dazed. “I didn’t know.”

Mark laughed. “All this time you were teasing me and I could have been teasing you!”

“What?” George frowned. “What do you mean? Tease me?” He took his phone away from Mark. “I better answer this so you will have something to tease me about.”

Mark slapped him on the shoulder. “That’s right. Oh, this is a glorious day!”

Read more about George and Mark in the book of Rose, book 6 in the Planted Flowers series.  George is lonely no more!

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