Ways to Pray Regularly

Ways to Pray Regularly

Have you looked for ways to pray regularly, but it just isn’t happening for you? Do you find yourself wondering if you are praying in alignment with God’s will?

Use the Daily Prayer Section

These are scriptural prayers for today. Topical daily prayers for you that include an everyday prayer and a prayer for that day of the week. Topics include Hope, God’s Love, Rest, Grace and Mercy, and much more.

Go to the Daily Prayer Section, and scroll down to the instructions for adding an icon to your phone or tablet. Then prayer is available for you at any time, anywhere.

Daily Prayer Guide books

Daily Prayer Guides

Scriptural Daily Prayer Guides to Download

Get Daily Prayer Guides by topic, Verse Calendars by topic, and more resources, as well as free books to download. Go to my freebies page.

Prayer and Affirmation Journals

What is your favorite way to pray?

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