Christian Suspense Series? Yes!

Meet the women of Planted Flowers, a Christian Suspense Series

A few years back, I fulfilled a dream to write a Christian suspense series. I wrote a book about amazing women seeking God in a Bible study. They each found love with each other, God, and a special man. I wanted to pay homage to group leaders who sacrifice every week to hold studies at their homes, pray with women, and create a support network for hurting women.

While taking a writing course by Holly Lisle, I outlined a series of novellas centered around one of these Bible study groups. I enjoyed creating each character, finding out who each woman was and her desires. Discovering their fears and the silent needs they had filled my time for months. Finding the plotline began with the overall story.

Christian suspense series

How Planted Flowers Began and Other Stories

How did this diverse group of women end up in the same Bible study? Basically, it had everything to do with their names. Apparently, the church staff thought it would be funny to pair up their friend Daisy with women who also had flower names. There was much giggling. You can read more about how the group was created in this free book.

It all starts with a single mother, Lily. She has two adorable children and works as hostess of the fancy Laguna Beach restaurant overlooking Main Street Beach.

While walking on the beach before work, she unknowingly witnesses a drug drop and murder. And experiences a rogue water spout coming onshore. As scary as that is, she meets a bossy, handsome man who saves her from the water spout. And then he finds a dead body.

Lily, Book One of Planted Flowers series

Lily’s friend, Rose, a young bubbly woman invites her to join a Bible study with her. She is excited to be in the same group but Lily is nervous about meeting new people. Her experiences with Christians haven’t always been nice. It’s hard to be a divorced twice woman.

Read Lily free by clicking this link and joining the freebie course.

Meet Iris, a businesswoman with a home in Laguna Beach. Then meet Violet, a shy new teacher dealing with jealousy at work. Next is Camellia, a successful model looking for a real purpose. Jasmine is dealing with divorce and teenagers. Then Rose has her own book outlining her failing romance.

You can get all 6 books in one volume if you are in a hurry to read them all. Click here to check it out.

Meet the women of the Planted Flowers Christian suspense series

Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook
Includes the leader guide

Throughout the six-book series, the women meet for the Planted Flowers Bible Study. They use the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook and discuss the lessons. It is a six-month Bible study, one for each woman.

The lessons have quotes from the book so you can see how they tie in. But, you’ll one a paperback copy of this one so you can do the Bible study with them!

A resource page is available with the worksheets a group needs. This includes a contact info sheet, a serving sheet, how to set up the prayer time, and more.

A six-month Bible study online course will be available in the course’s area of the hub. You can do the course with your friends, no matter where they are, and create new friendships if you want. This is a community built to restore hurting women. Or women who need a friend, support, or encouragement.

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