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AP Creations Publishing presents our authors! Read more about why our authors write and what they write below.

Anna K Payne writes devotionals and Christian suspense with a hint of romance. She has plans for relationship/parenting tips, children’s activities, and in the future, children’s books.

You can out more about Anna at

Meet our Authors!

ADS Anna Daisy one of AP Creations Publishing authorsAnna Daisy Siemens wrote poetry, scripture songs, and family history. Keen insight into the personalities of her children and grandchildren fill her poetry. Her scripture songs fill the soul with truth but remain simple and catchy. The family history explains the persistence and strength she passed on to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

A previously unpublished set of sermons are scheduled to be published late this year. I’m excited to show off her sermons. I’ve been reading them while transcribing them.

Emily One of AP Creations Publishing AuthorsEmily Ann Combs writes from the heart. Her devotionals touch deeply into the lives of those who read them. They bring history into the present and set forth the future for all to see.

Written with love and care, the junior snippets teach children what it means to love God. She writes snippets for adults on her website Emily’s Snippets.

Personally, I have no idea how she finds the time or discipline to write snippets and a blog on her schedule while visiting my father, attending church, and writing emails to her various friends and family. But then, of course I’m impressed with my mom.